Yiyang city HuaSheng flame retardant technology co., LTDIs a professional production of flame retardant chemical products of high-tech enterprises。The company is located in yiyang city longshan port pioneer park guming area,The existing total assets10000Ten thousand yuan,Capable of producing20000 Tons(The firewall)Brand antimony series products、The modified magnesium hydroxide、Aluminum hydroxide and inorganic composite flame retardant series products production capacity。My company's main products of the modified magnesium hydroxide and inorganic composite flame retardant products,Meet the trend of the development of flame retardants to the environmental protection today,Has become the main direction of flame retardant technology development,Which produced by our company(The firewall) Card type magnesium hydroxide is modified because of its high content of science and technology,Excellent quality and stability,Throughout the year...

Centered on the customer is supreme,All the staff to carry out the quality first,To provide customers with high quality and environmentally friendly inorganic flame retardants series products。

Powered by technology innovation,Constantly develop new technology and new technology new product,To protect the environment and benefit mankind make constant efforts and exploration。

The modified magnesium hydroxideIn more detail
Inorganic composite flame retardantIn more detail
Aluminum hydroxideIn more detail
Antimony trioxideIn more detail
To carry out the environmental protection measures   Prevent environmental pollution
Continuous improvement innovation   The human and the nature harmonious
Flame retardant type magnesium hydroxide is modified
Modified inorganic composite flame retardant
Super high purity antimony trioxide
To formulate the strict raw material quality standards
Strengthening the management of the quality of the production process...

The site of factory:Port of longshan pioneer park guming yiyang city area14、18Building
The phone:0737-6181282
Zip code:413000

With the good faith for this,All contracts signed with the customers
No matter how the situation changes...