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Jiangnan special screws
Jiangnan special screws
Jiangnan special screws
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Changzhou wujin jiangnan special screw co., LTD

  • Changzhou wujin jiangnan special screw co., LTD,Located in the Yangtze river delta Ge shore of the lake,Changzhou airport30Kilometers,Near the highway along the river。The company was founded in1992Years,Now covers an area of20000Square meters,The construction area8000Square meters。
    Jiangnan screw company existing staff150Many people,Has a standardized production workshop,With advanced production equipment、Testing instrument and professional production technology team,The products include:The electric car ring groove rivet、Mining machinery ring groove rivet、Railway locomotive ring groove rivet、Heavy trucks ring groove rivet and Bridges ring groove rivet,Established a complete ring groove rivet、A hollow rivets and non-standard fasteners, screws production technical process and strict quality management system。
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  • Focusing on the ring groove rivet、Half a hollow rivets、Special self tapping screw、CNC finishing cutting pieces
  • Strives for the survival by the quality,To manage the efficiency,Services for the market,To the technology strives for the development
  • Grasps“Pragmatic,Unity,Struggle,Innovation,The good faith”The spirit of enterprise
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  • After previous content is introduced,Everyone for ring groove rivet should also have a certain understanding。This component is based on the principle of the hooke's law uniaxial tensile invented a kind of can avoid loose core pulling...
  • In the previous content,We have to introduce the ring groove rivet is a composed of ring groove rivet and screw set of components,And according to accept force form and riveting method,They again...
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