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      Luohe city source long casing co., LTD is located in China's food city.Luohe city called land east side economic zone by the three north road,Is a key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization。The company covers an area of38m,The total investment5200Ten thousand yuan。Luohe city source long casing co., LTD is a casing production and processing for the main business,At the same time drive the heparin extraction,Minced chicken production sales,Cold storage trade、A large diversified industries such as logistics entity company。Existing casing finished product production line5The article,Annual output of finished product casing135Ten thousand,Heparin sodium production capacity4000Kg,Minced chicken production capacity4000Tons,Form a complete set of cold...

Fine leg
Dry breezed chicken
Out of the cylinder
Pig's feet
Pig's feet
The pig tongue
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Natural hog casing