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Shimao group is an internationalized、A comprehensive large-scale investment group,After 30 years of development,In Hong Kong and Shanghai respectivelyShimao property(00813.HK)And shimao shares(600823.SH)The two listed companies。 Total assets4160Hundred million,But the value of more than10500Hundred million。 For 30 years,Shimao group global super hand in hand100A city,With diverse business strategies at home and abroad,Shimao group's business has covered real estate、The hotel、Business、The theme of entertainment、Service、Financial、Education、Culture、Health、Such as high-tech fields,Formed a diversified business simultaneously"The sustainable development of ecosystem"。With urban growth,With people's happiness。Shimao group practice“Become the industry leader,Do China's leading service life,Shimao building one hundred”Vision,Continue to live in for the user、Life、Consumption、Business、Provide a high level of quality experience tourism, etc,Actively promote China's urbanization process。

No, Sir,Shimao group founder and chairman of the board,Successively won the golden bauhinia star in Hong Kong、Jp, etc;The Chinese people's political consultative conference(Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC))The thirteenth session of the standing committee of the CPPCC national committee、China association of QiaoShang, etc。

No Sir To multiple areas as important responsibility
30In sustainable development
The first stage to enter the real estate market to high quality development

【Enter the real estate market,Open the way to develop high quality】 1989Years,Keep up the development process,To enter the Chinese real estate industry。 1994Years,In Beijing,Started investing in high-end residential projects,For shimao shares development to lay the solid foundation。 1999Years,In Shanghai,Straddling the huangpu river in pudong built the first luxury homes“Shanghai shimao riverside garden”,Created the famous“Binjiang mode” 。

The second stage quickly deployed to promote China's urbanization process

【A quick layout throughout the country,To promote China's urbanization process】 2003Years,In fuzhou,Opens the shimao shares and hercynian economic zone in fujian strategic subsoil。 2004Years,In nanjing,Open the Yangtze river delta development strategy,And successively in hangzhou、Suzhou and other cities。 2005Years,In wuhan,Open development strategy in the Midwest,And then start to chengdu、Xi 'an、Yinchuan、Changsha、Chongqing and other cities。 2006Years,In yantai,Open the link bohai sea development strategy,Then start to tianjin、Dalian、Jinan、Qingdao city。

The third phase diversity and foster international industrial cluster

【Multivariate simultaneously,Cultivate the internationalization of industry cluster】 2004Years,Shimao shares in the hospitality industry,Successively with the marriott、Hyatt、Intercontinental、Hilton international famous hotel management companies such as the strategic cooperative relations。 2004Years,Shanghai shimao square was put into operation,Shimao shares from the residential real estate commercial real estate。 2005Years,Shimao property was established,Went on to become the qualifications shimao service Service enterprises。 2006Years,Shimao property in Hong Kong(00813.HK)。 2009Years,Shimao shares(600823.SH)Shimao property holdings subsidiary,Shimao become in the domestic stock exchangeAStocks and the stock exchange of Hong Kong co., LTD., dual listed companies listed respectively。 2009Years,Shimao hotels and resorts,Overall responsibility for shimao's hotel business management、Management and development。 2014Years,Shimao theme park was set up,Focus on autonomyIPResearch and development and internationalIPCross-border cooperation。

The fourth stage the steady operating building sustainable ecosystem

【Steady operation,Build ecosystem sustainable development】 2016Years,Shimao's membership private health management center【H】Officially opened。 2017Years,Shimao property full-year sales breakthrough billions of contract,Implement quality growth。 2017Years,Shimao as Barcelona China regional cooperation partner,Open it“Excellent sports strategy”。 2017Years,Shimao theme park sanrio cooperation with Japan,Build the only in China Hello Kitty Shanghai indoor theme pavilions,Create a precedent industry culture brand cooperation。 2017Years,Shimao hotels and resorts combining with starwood capital,The new joint venture hotel companies——Shimao starwood hotel management group,To accelerate the independent brand asset light output。 2017Years,Shimao and ha Luo Guoji management service co., LTD. Signed on cooperation letter of intent for ha Luo Guoji schools。 2018Years,Shimao group chairman, Mr Packaging with national treasures《The silk road map of landscape》Boarded the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival gala。 2018Years,Assist in shenzhen“Eastward strategy”,Shimao deep harbor international center project formally began。 2018Years,Shimao group in the world's most valuableAIEntrepreneurial companies——Thomson, science and technology,Layout of the high-tech industry。 2018Years,Shimao group top villa product line“Long Yin department”In Beijing、Suzhou twins as grand release。 2018Years,Shimao group headquarters XiQian Shanghai shimao building。 2018Years,Shanghai shimao reshipment opened plaza project,Introductionnike001Global flagship store brands。 2018Years,Strategic cooperation with the Palace Museum,To build the palace pavilion maritime silk road、Museum of Beijing the imperial palace,The first forbidden academy landing project shimao drum hill town。 2018Years,Shimao pit intercontinental hotel officially opened,And hold“Imagine below the horizon”A global media conference。 2019Years,ShimaoHello Kitty Trip to the beach time opening theme pavilions。 2019Years,Shimao group day Minnesota has released its product line in hangzhou and nanjing。

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