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WellecWLASeries is a kind of energy recovery new trend person air energy recovery air displacement device,Its core function is the use of indoor、Outdoor air temperature and moisture,Through the energy recovery machine excellent breathability features of thermal conductivity,In the two-way exchange of air at the same time,Produce energy exchange,Fresh air to make effective access to the wind energy,Thus greatly save the energy consumption of the air pretreatment,Achieve the goal of energy saving for air,Its energy saving effect is very significant。 Wellec company after many years of technical research and exploration,Combined with the customer and the market feedback,Successfully developed the third generationWLAA series of energy recovery behavior person,Its core technology USES the latest in the world now VM Energy recovery module,Make wellec products in various technical indicators are in the industry leading。Products has become the market products one of the most competitive new trend person

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Xiamen the vectra energy saving technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprises、Energy conservation service company,Since2009Years since its founding,Has focused on energy efficiency,Specialized in building energy-saving ventilation technology、Research and development of new products、Production、Sales、A complete set of system installation and debugging services,And place“Wellec”Brand trademark registration。The company took the lead in the industryISO9001:2000The international quality management system certification,Companies strong technical production capacity,Has in the domestic leading technical level of production lines,There are more than 10 senior engineers。The company through cooperation with domestic and international first-class design institute,Introducing the world advanced equipment,With imported high qualityABSMaterials、CAMFlexible manufacturing and exquisite craftsmanship,To create a high standard、High quality“Wellec”Products。
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2016In the best prose《Thick haze is my hometown》——Christmas maxed circle
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