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26 2017-12
Winter how to carry on the effective maintenance of central air conditioning

Hitachi central air-conditioning market expanding,Because of the advantages and characteristics of product more and more friends all use Hitachi brand。Should not only be when the choose and buy any kind of product quality,The most important…

23 2017-12
Click to understand how the central air-conditioning cleaning thoroughly

Central air conditioning whether summer or winter always makes us comfortable,The application of central air conditioning is very common。Major shopping malls supermarkets、The office building、Large exhibition hall has made…

20 2017-12
Central air-conditioning installation should pay attention to matters and types

Now living conditions more and more superior,For our living environment is becoming more and more high,Of air quality requirements also more and more strict to the family,So many people choose to install more advanced…

18 2017-12
Hitachi central air conditioning using characteristics of seven,Do you know which one

Nowadays,Jining Hitachi central air-conditioning market get continuously development,Users generally reflect although Hitachi air conditioning cover an area of an area small,But the high efficiency and energy saving,So in addition to these two advantages,You also know…

15 2017-12
When the choose and buy the central air conditioning content to consider

With the development of economy,Jining central air conditioning also gradually into the thousands,Gradually replaced the bulky shape、The style of a single common air conditioning,So you know how to according to their own houses…

13 2017-12
Introduction to jining fresh air system need to follow when installation techniques

Because the fresh air system is more secure than ordinary air conditioning and reliable,So the development of jining get fresh air system installation industry vigorously,What about fresh air system installation techniques,How much do you really know…

11 2017-12
When using fresh air system,Can you meet the use of it

Jining fresh air system as a kind of beneficial to human body health equipment,Has become a big shopping mall、Companies are preferred,But because it is a kind of new equipment,Why many users to Ann…

08 2017-12
Choice of jining wind fresh air system,Also look at after-sales service

Due to wind fresh air system purification effect is obvious,So now there are many different specifications on the market、Different models of wind fresh air system manufacturers,Jining ze wind fresh air system is the most among them…

Company profile
Shandong ze fan electric co., LTD

Shandong ze fan electric installation co., LTD. Is the jining area comfort systems engineering integration,Over the years has been committed to comfort systems engineering professional services。For the high-end customers with one-stop integrated solution for comfort systems。Ze air purification equipment co., LTD. Is a new air circulating system research and development of manufacturers,Implement new fan set home、To the research and development of commercial new fan products、Production、Sales and after-sales service,China's high quality fresh air industry leading brand。

Wind has seriously、Hard r&d team,As a member of the Chinese school working committee director for energy conservation and emissions reduction,The escort for Chinese children's healthy growth,For primary and secondary school kindergarten indoor air safety,Successively participated in the national standard《General system with air purification device》Working with the engineering construction industry standards《Residential new fan book procedures》Preparation work,Is《China's air purification industry alliance》Members of the unit,For a wide range of extreme cold、Extremely hot weather conditions for the air purifying device testing,To obtain the rich practical experience,And won30More than the national patent and rewards,Better service in the kindergarten student teachers of primary and secondary schools,To improve the students learning environment。

Ze the wind based on the modern design idea,Outstanding scientific and technological innovation with unique product concept fusion technology,Learn from the nature,Achievement people-oriented contracted and not simple quality product。

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