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Harbin north machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is specialized in agricultural machinery and equipment production and sales——Is a highly development ability of modern agricultural machinery production enterprises,With advanced production equipment,Engaged in the production of non-standard machinery and food machinery and equipment,Enterprise is the production of rake、Maize straw machine building、Hug plastic machine and from the field collecting car towed round package、Generous package from field collecting car series products such as professional enterprise and customize various models machine according to user requirements。

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  • Rake-Refers to the wheel rake is introduced

    Refers to the wheel rake,Is a kind of forage harvesting machine,By the tractor,Can be cut down hug forage efficiently integrate ridge。Product characteristics:Can independently width can reach7.6M,Working speed can reach20Km/Hours,Can greatly improve the working efficiency。Take a clean his arm、Jump the low leakage,Can effectively reduce leakage of grass loss,Improve the economic benefit。Grass planting density is high、Neat and beautiful、Ridge......

  • Round bag automatically pick up the car is introduced

    Round bag collecting car is cooperate with baling press joint operations,Automatically packer emissions in the field of crop straw bale collecting and transshipment。With a high degree of automation,Work efficiency is fast、The characteristics of the operation cost is low,A living substance fuel protect mechanization collection,Added new equipment for crop straw collecting mechanical work。...

  • The introduction of changchun rake

    Rake is lay scattered on the ground of building integrated grass forage harvesting machine。Can independently is the purpose of grass fully dry,And facilitate the collection of hay。According to the article grass in the direction of the relationship with the machine direction,Rake could be divided into two types: horizontal and lateral。Product feature is their work or other part of the spiral arc parallel to the horizontal line,Is another type of traction......

  • The structural classification and application of heilongjiang rake

    First introduce the rake is lay scattered on the ground of building integrated grass forage harvesting machine。According to the article grass in the direction of the relationship with the machine direction,Rake could be divided into two types: horizontal and lateral。Traction rake Angle,Hang up,And other types of arc or spiral shell sideThe dental work side part。Rake the lawn mower,In order to prevent the tips that spread to others......

  • Harbin rake the application of knowledge

    Cut the grass suspension system,Includes a main frame,Scraping rod part after cutting knife is connected to the beam in the same direction on the blade and fixed pulley rope cutter of the same side of the underside of the main frame beam,Rope orders connected to the other side of the fixed load and a hydraulic lift on the blade end wagon,Two pulleys are provided,Connected to the cutting edges are described and the eccentric disc and the back of the connection......

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