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  Suzhou yongan engineering construction supervision co., LTD., established in March 1997,Companies to provide housing construction project、Municipal utilities、Decoration engineering supervision services,And the cost consultation service、Bidding agent、The early stage of the project feasibility study、Paid technical services on project management, etc,Has the national housing and urban and rural housing construction supervision unit qualification certificate issued by the ministry of construction、Municipal class c supervision company qualification certificates issued by the construction department of jiangsu province and project tendering agency provisional level qualification、Jiangsu province issued by the civil air defense office of civil air defense engineering supervision enterprise class c qualification certificate。Company for construction supervision association of jiangsu province and suzhou city construction supervision association member units。The company has passedISO9001:2000Quality management system certification,2008Years、2009Years、2010Years to obtainAAAFinancial condition……
Company website officially launched operations[2011-08-20]
About to receive2011In the intermediate、Senior engineer certificate[2011-08-20]
Construction enterprise and project director, head of the interim measures on construction site foremen》Come[2011-08-20]
About defense first9The typhoon“The plum blossom”To do a good job of building construction safety emergency notification[2011-08-20]
About to do a good job of summer high temperature construction engineering safety production notification[2011-08-20]
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The creek center primary school
The creek industrial park
Always fine garden
H s hot springs
YaoNa community service center
YaoNa garden
City centers for disease control and prevention
Wuzhong suyao garden community center


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