• Sword back to ancient han glory chivalrous frame of mind
    In longquan village to save on land
  • One to three miles away
    One to three miles away
    Sword when millions of division
  • Avenue we sincerely
    The end of the world to find the sword
Long Quan Jian

Longquan sword

Longquan sword aka ryongyon sword。《The more books》Recorded in the spring and autumn warring states period of casting sword master o ye zi in zhejiang longquan jian village, seven stars well under Qin Xishan moulds“Ryongyon”、“Worker”、“Mightest”Such as sword is famous in the world。Local named because of the sword“Ryongyon”Township。Continue the traditional casting sword,It has been2500Years of history。The name was changed to avoid high-impedance tang tang gaozu taboo“Longquan”。Early stage Guo Zhen masterpieces《DLC》There are“Good workmen exercise every few years,Casting sword of longquan。Longquan color such as frost and snow,Good workmen client lamentation absolute。“In the sentence。”Longquan“Has become synonymous with the sword。

Jian Cun

Jian village

Longquan sword sword village research institute is engaged in the study of traditional sword、Development、Design and production as well as the longquan sword cultural inheritance、Education、Training of professional institutions。Longquan sword sword village institute subordinate brands“The sword swords village”Was founded2005Years,Located in the hometown of sword zhejiang longquan。The sword is China's high-end brand sword sword village,With orphan works,Good at various traditional forging process、Many kinds of heat treatment,Proficient in copper、Iron、Gold、The silver with a handmade sculpture, and wrong、Gold silver and other traditional crafts,His work in comfort、Original、Unique、Fine、Is famous for its pure made by hand。Its exquisite works by the dao friends rushed to collect。The sword swords village is especially good at orphan works,For personality professionals tailored special sword。
2008Years11Month,Were invited to make jade for national leaders long han jian《Tianwei》。Jian village, the sword sword in film and television production with a good foundation。Now the China film group partners。

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Zhu Jian Shi • Hu Xiao Jun

Who cast the sword•Xiao-jun hu

Xiao-jun hu(Literal translation),Jian village。Male,Zhejiang longquan。Jian village have been keen sword culture in ancient China,After travel around,Pour the mind and body to study classical Chinese sword。2005Years was created“The sword swords village culture institute”,Committed to the spread of classical Chinese sword culture and classical sword make all hand orphan works。With nearly 20 years,Complete lost for a long time of turning welding the steel forging craft recovery,After restoring ancient wrought iron、Grass ancient rare steel smelting system technology such as steel,Creative to create suitable for production of corrugated iron steel sword etc,Broaden the sword made of material selection。Because of the production of superb techniques,The sword swords village popular attention,08Years have been invited to national leaders make jade long han jian《Tianwei》,Also for the movie《Red cliff》、《Confucius》、《Saya knife》、《The whole city》Such as custom sword props,Has won“The Chinese arts and crafts”、“Chinese movie props”And so on many awards。

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Zuo Pin


Jian village
Spring dragon
If the afterlife
JianGe metalworking
Jian Cun • Tian Xi Jian

Jian village•Sword day rate

Jian Cun • Te Zhi Long Yuan Jian

Jian village•Special mightest sword

Jian Cun • Tian Tie • Yong Le Jian

Jian village•Tiantie•Yongle sword

Jian Cun • Jin Gua Chui

Jian village • Yellow melon hammer

Zhi Lai Qu • Bai Lian Chan Dao

Know to go•The zen knife

Yan Ri Jian

Yan jian

Ding Hai Shen Zhen Cha Dao

Anchored the tea knife

Guan Yun Cha Dao

View cloud tea knife

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