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Hangzhou guanghan intelligent technology co., LTDIs one of the world500Strong enterprise honeywell group(HAV)The general agent in zhejiang province,The product mainly sells honeywell audio system:The campus broadcast、Digital radio、IPInternet radio、Remote video conference sound reinforcement system。At the same time also is honeywell security monitoring system、Alarm system、The entrance guard system、Building automatic control(BA)System、Fire protection system、Industrial process control system、Te... [>>>In more detail]

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Public broadcasting
The traditional radioTop speakers
Digital radioHanging speakers
IPInternet radioOutdoor speakers
Fire broadcastingGarden horn shape
Audio source&AccessoriesThe microphone&Programmable
Professional audio
CarlaOKSpeakersProfessional subwoofer speakers
CarlaOKPower amplifierProfessional two channel power amplifier
Professional binary frequency speakersProfessional four-channel amplifiers
Professional speakers force elementThe controller series
Specialized quasi three points frequency speakersBOSEProfessional audio
The meeting system
The remote video conference system
The video camera
LCDDisplay system
LEDDisplay system
The control system

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