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    About Jin Wanjie

    Heat shrinkable packaging machineLaser printing machineConveyor Jinan Jin Wanjie machinery equipment co., LTD is specializing in the production of automatic labeling machine、Shrinking machine and packing machine of high-tech enterprises。In the draw、To attract the European and American countries and Taiwan on the basis of the set of marking machine,The company set research and development、Production、The sale in a body,Is a set of marking machine industry well-known enterprises。 Jin Wanjie machinery company has always been dedicated to food and drink、Cosmetics、Condiment industry such as automatic marking machine set of research and development,Provide solution for our products,Make the effect of packaging required more perfect industrialized production efficiency was improved greatly。Product quality get the customer the consistent high praise,Sales network all over the country, and exported to Asia、Africa、Europe and other countries。

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