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“Long 薶 garments,Best practice,Not far from the leather。”Is not only the properties of metal,This is xing chi group more than 20 years development course of adhering to the spirit of the soul。Looking to the future,China nonferrous metals market contains unlimited business opportunities and development opportunities,Xing chi group sincerely look forward to working with friends from all walks of life seek common development,Mutual benefit!
The good faith:Good faith for this Quality as the soul In honest to heart Outside the letter in person
Struggle:Dare to be first Overcome difficult Concentric force Go forward
To exploit:Development and innovation Commit to change going To innovate The past
Win-win situation:Common development Hand in hand Create profit A win for the country
The third xing“Colored cup”Enterprise basketball league a successful ending! Sponsored by the xing qi group third xing“Colored cup”Basketball league in the enterprise9Month17In foshan nanhai keijoMVPThe arena officially ended。After7A match race day,24Fierce competition,Each team solidarity,Writing in every drop of sweat of his own passion,Show their vitality,The excitement of his own spirit。On the evening of the NBA finals,Particularly lively,Cheerleaders cheer do force,Energetic,Is undoubtedly the most beautiful a scenery line。
Industry events through a week Chile's central bank said on Monday,Due to the increasing copper exports,The country8In the trade surplus with the us1.43Million dollars。The figure marks7In improvement of the trade deficit,Monthly balance for last year10Since the first time。The country's central bank said,Copper exports have been dragged down by sino-us trade friction8Rose in September30.68Million dollars。Chile8Month for exports59.52Million dollars,Year-on-year decline4.5%。Imports totaled58.09Million dollars,Year-on-year decline11.4%
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