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Ms rodin, yibin city metal products co., LTD

Contacts:Luo Daolun   Ding Xiangui

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Contact address:Tsui district food dish food, yibin city community5Group4Number

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Ms rodin, yibin city metal products co., LTD was founded2013Years,Is located in yibin airport a level place。Yibin city******Production company aptitude heat insulation barrels and stainless steel water tank of the company,Its predecessor was founded1997Years,Yibin is specializing in the production of galvanized,Caigang granary factory,2007New stainless steel water tank,Heat insulation barrels。Using high quality imported productsSUS304Stainless steel food grade roll band,Through advanced technology,Has a very high technology level,Well received by the masses of users。

The company has professional production equipment for Taiwan,Skillful professional operation team…[+Click more]

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