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What's the distinguishing feature of French country style decorating,How should match
There are many decorate a style type,And each decorate a style has its own characteristics and sparkle,Choose a suitable decorates a style of their own,Are more likely to reflect her a character and accomplishment。French countryside style is one of them,Refers to the French countryside construction and the style of furniture。What is its characteristic,How to match?The following,We have to have a look。 French country style Start with the introduction of characteristics of French country style decorating。 1、On the layout of the axis...
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Hefei primitive rendering co., LTD

  The primitive rendering is to create a new era of science and technology in the country under the form,Newly formed with a new performance、The new idea of graphic company performance,Set by production、Rendering performance、The project design in the design of the integrated enterprise。
The company was founded in2016Years,Dozens of company members,With the same industry, a senior designer、Performance,With high-end techniques、Low price for you to again and again“Users to conclude a deal”,The purpose of the design industry has realized the real。
The company since its establishment,Innovation design thinking,To undertake all kinds of high end project design throughout the country、The effect of performance,Won a good reputation in the industry,Made a prominent contribution for the country's design industry。

“Enthusiastic service、Thoughtful、Stick to it、Strive for perfection”Purpose is our culture!

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